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Your Similan Diving Day Trip Options

Your Similan Diving Day Trip Options are many. The beauty about a Similan diving day trip, is you do not have to spend your whole holiday on a liveaboard. You can go diving in the morning and come back before the sun goes down.  This is the case with most of our Similan Islands day trip boats, but not with all of them. The slower boat will come back. Later then all the other faster boats. I will outline the pro and cons to each boat. All you have to do is choose the boats that suits your needs.

Options for you to choose from –  Speed boat, Catamaran or a Slow boat.

Similan Islands day trip

Similan Islands day trip

Similan Diving Day Trip by speed boat.

The great thing about the speed boat is that it is very fast. So you get to the Similan Islands within an hour. There is more time to enjoy your time between the dives. The great plus about a Similan island day trip by speed boat is also you can dive Richelieu rock and Ko Tachai and the famous Ko Bon. Why is it famous? Ko Bon is a feeding station for Manta rays.

You will be back in your hotel room by 4;30 pm. The speed boat is the only way to go and  scuba dive these sites and be at your hotel before sunset.

The bad thing against a Similan Islands day trip by a speed boat is. If you are prone to sea sickness. This is not a great choice.

Similan Diving Day Trips by Catamaran.

You will reach the Similan islands a little later then by speed boat. There is more room to maneuver around on the Catamaran. You still get to see Richelieu rock, Koh Tachai and Ko Bon and the Similan Islands. But sometimes you can get a problem with the engine.  But its still a great choice. Once again, if you have problems with sea sickness its not a great choice.

Similan Diving Day Trips by Slow Boat.

This Similan Islands day trip boat, is great for families. It cruises to the Similan island in a slow comfortable manner. If you have any questions for your Dive master or Instructor, this is a great boat to be on. There is no shouting over the giant speed boat engines. There is also a breakfast of Thai and European style food, to enjoy. There is also an air condition room to relax in, if the sun gets to hot. Sea sickness is never a problem on this boat because of its large hull and stability in the water.

Generally, you will be back in Tabla mu pier around 7pm. Then you will be transferred to your hotel room. This is a longer day for either diver or snorkeler, but one the whole family will say, that they enjoyed their Similan Islands day trip adventure.

Similan Islands day trip boat options can be very confusing. Everyone is offering you a Similan Islands day trip tour, but know what you want, from your trip to the Similan islands and get it.