whale shark, Koh Tachai

Your Similan Liveaboard Options

Our Similan Liveaboard diving, khao lak. Will start operating on the 13 October 2016.  Pirate Divers will offer Scuba divers and snorkeler an earlier bird special. If you book before the beginning of October. Also, if you are thinking of contemplating doing your open water course or extending you diving knowledge we also have an earlier bird special.

The Similan islands will have been closed for nearly 6 months. This allows the marine life and the corals to grow and replenish them selves away from all the divers and snorkelers. So, as you can expect, the start of the season is always a new underwater adventure in the Similan islands. So we can see for our selves. what changes have happened. Have certain fishes moved from their usual places. Have the corals become abundant in different locations? All the professional scuba divers in khao lak, can not wait to be on the first, Similan liveaboard diving and seeing what has changed in the underwater world of the Similan Islands. That way we can report, to all the other divers what to expected from there next liveabord trip. If marine life has changed location. where did they go? For example, are the sea horses in the same spot? Where there mantas on Ko Bon or Koh Tachai?. This information is very important to a professional guide. We need to know where all the good stuff is. So we can show you!

Similan Liveaboard Diving.

Similan Liveaboard Diving.


Similan Liveaboard diving for 2day/1nights

There are so many liveaboard options, 2day/1night is the most popular. This choice of liveaboard offers 6 dive in total. Including night dive or sunset dive. The price will always include Marine park fees, food and drinks. If you have your own diving equipment there will always be a discount. Usually between 400 and 500 bath per day.

Similan Liveaboard diving for 3day/3nights

The second most popular liveaboard is 3day/3night. This choice of liveaboards offers 11 dives. Including night and sunset dives. Again 400 or 500 bath discount if you have your own personnel diving equipment.

Similan Liveaboard diving for 4day/4nights

The classic liveaboard is a 4day/4night liveaboards. This is my favorite liveaboard. All scuba divers and snorkelers get a chance to explore all the Similan Islands have to offer. Diver will enjoy 14 dives. Also night and sunset diving is included. With this choice you will get to explore the beautiful Surin Islands. So many diving boxes will be clicked with this 4day/ 4night safari.


Similan Liveaboard diving for 7day/7night

We also offer a 7day/7 night Similan Liveaboard diving marathon. You will enjoy 22 dives in total. This is a great choice for the addicted diver among us. When you consider, all accommodation is included, plus all the best traditional Thai and European food is available on board. No hotel can offer, you the morning view you will experience on the Similan islands. Peaceful and tranquil at its finest.

In my opinion. Usually there will be a snorkeler joining the diver on there Safari. Snorkelers will have just as much fun, adventure as the diver do. The advantage for the snorkelers, is that when you visit the islands. Nobody will be there except you. Plus, you get to see all the other islands, for snorkeling that the, day trip snorkelers don’t get to experience


If your considering going on a Similan liveaboard diving or snorkeling, why not contact Pirate Divers. We will make sure you get the right information. That will help you make the choice, for your scuba diving holiday.