What is a Similan liveaboard

a Similan Liveaboard is...

It’s self explanatory really – you ‘live’ ‘aboard’ a large boat for a number of days of your choosing.

Your days at sea are broken up only by visits to the islands – usually at sunset.

You could also say that it is like being in a mobile hotel, except you views are far more spectacular and change each day.

Our staff will pick you up in the evening by minivan and bring you to Pirate Divers shop.
after all the necessary paperwork is fill in. All you have to do is relax and let us show you a great time diving on a Similan liveaboard with Pirate Divers

Advantages of a Similan liveaboard

I have been working in the diving industry for over 10 years and I still prefer working on a liveaboard to diving on day trips.
  • You don’t waste time going to and from dive sites – like you do on day trips.
  • More dives for your money – food, accommodation is included.
  • Mornings and sunset/night dives are always possible.
  • You get longer dive briefings than you would on a day trip boat.
  • You gain a greater knowledge of the different types of fish.
  • You get to build a trusting relationship with your Divemaster/Instructor.
  • If you wish you can further your diving education.
  • You get to meet the Thai staff and enjoy the local Thai food and see how it’s prepared and cooked.
  • The luxury of visiting the Islands when all the day trip boats have left.
  • You will meet like-minded people and make new friends.
  • If you’re travelling on your own, a liveaboard is the best place to meet other people.

What Duration of Similan Liveaboards Are On Offer

What liveaboard fits best with your travel plans.

2 Days/1 Night – 6 Dives

This liveaboard caters for people who wish to experience a liveboard trip but are short on time.

3 Days/3 Nights – 11 Dives

This gives you the chance to see many of the dives sites but not all of them.

4 Days/4 Nights – 14 Dives

This is the classic liveaboard. You will see best of the north and south dive sites in this area of the Andaman Sea.  My favourite choice and regarded by most as the best diving in Thailand.

5 Days/5 Nights – 6 Days/6 Nights – 7 Days/7 Nights

This choice is for the true dive lovers of the world.  You will get to see the best dive sites Thailand has to offer and with some companies you get the option to dive sites in Myanmar (Burma) as well.

Considerations when booking a liveaboard trip.

The only real consideration I can think of when booking a liveaboard is ensuring you book the right trip for your needs and ability.  If you book the wrong liveaboard – let’s say, you’re an inexperienced diver and you go on a liveaboard that only visits advanced dive sites – you may not enjoy the whole experience. Also, if you booked a liveaboard and found out that the trip did not visit some of the dive sites you expected or wished to dive, you may be disappointed.

Frequently asked questions about liveaboards.

Here are some of the most frequent questions I get asked about liveaboards.manta_queen_3_dining_area

Q) I suffer from sea sickness – is that a problem?
A) If you feel sick just by looking at a boat then maybe, a liveaboard is not for you, but in most cases I recommend a liveaboard boat that has a steel hull – this kind of vessel is less prone to rocking and is more stable on the water.


Q) Can I get off the liveaboard if I don’t like it?
A) It all depends where the liveaboard is located at the time. If this is a major concern then I will recommend a liveaboard that will stay in the Similan Islands only or for the first few days. Please remember that if you do leave your liveaboard. There will be no refund.


Q) Can I become a diver on a liveaboard?
A)  Yes! The best thing about doing your Open Water Course on a liveaboard is that it’s more relaxed plus you get more attention from you Instructor because they are with you all day. It’s also easier to learn as you’ll have continuous education – because you and your instructor are staying on board.


Q) I don’t know if I can do that many dives a day. Do I have to do all the dives?
A)  Some people feel they will be unable to complete all the dives. I explain they can do as many dives as they wish, but in the end they all come back with all dives completed – they just didn’t want to miss a thing!