Boonsung Local Wreck Dive - Khao lak

The Boonsung Wreck- Khao Lak – Local Wreck Dive

Boonsung Wreck – Khao lak

Diving with Pirate Divers on our Longtail

The Boonsung also known as the Bangsak wreck, in my opinion is the best of all the local dives sites here in Khao Lak. The Boonsung wreck has the benefit of catering for all levels of diving experience from open water divers to advanced divers. The maximum depth is twenty meters. All divers can enjoy the beauty of this dive site, without having to pay extra on marine park fees.

This tin dragger sank in 1985 because of a burst pipe in the toilets. Later the Thai navy were called in to bomb this trawler because it became a safety hazard to the local fishing vessels. Due to it’s close proximity to the surface of the water. Fishermen were constantly hitting the surface of the Boongsung with of their boats.

The Boonsung Wreck before it sank!

boonsung-wreck above water

When the Tsunami happened in 2004. It tore the Structure in to many pieces. Making it a much more interesting dive site. Each section of Boongsung Wreck hold something different. lionfish corner, can have a host of lionfish. The main body of the Boonsung Wreck has a huge amount of scorpion fish inhabiting that area. It’s the huge amount of fish that you see. That makes this dive site one not to be missed,
For any diver wishing to go diving and short on time. This is the perfect dive site because it’s so close to Khao lak.

It only takes 30 Minutes to get to the Boonsung Wreck. Generally customers will take a long tail boat to dive the Boonsung Wreck. One instructor for four customers. Maximum eight customers per longtail.
The price is very affordable and value for money






  • Pick up from your hotel
  • Lunch
  • Drinking Water
  • Equipment
  • professional dive guides
  • dive groups of 4 or less
  • Dive computer
  • 15 litre dive tank (150 THB per day)
  • Two Dives 3,200 THB
  • 08:00 pick up from your hotel and brought to Pirate divers shop
  • 08:30 arrive at Bangsak Beach with our staff
  • 09:00 First dive of the day on our long tail
  • 10:00 Lunch on the longtail
  • 11.30 Second Dive on Boongsung Wreck
  • 02:30 arrive back at the hotel