Surin snorkeling with Nemo

The Surin Islands



Surin Islands Overnight Trips

       Surin Island over night tours are available from 15th October to 15th May

The Surin Island is advertised as an Asian Heritage site since 2004. The only inhabitant on the Surin Island are the Moken sea gypies. The Snorkeling sites are considered the best in Thailand.

Pinapple Bay – Chong kad – Mai Ngam – Bon bay – Mae Tai Bay  – Kra Ting Bay. On your over night stay you will explore all these snorkeling sites.

On a Surin Island overnight Tent  – Bungalow experience you will be able to enjoy all that the Surin Islands has to offer.  Peaceful and Tranquil environment. Clear blue water. Amazing Sunset from Kra Ting Bay.

Wild Life

If you are planning on staying on a Surin Islands overnight you will get a better chance to all the various types of animal wild life on the Surin Islands – Pig Tail monkeys, Flying Lizards Eagles and Sea Eagles.

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  • surin-child-and-mother on the Surin Islands

Snorkeling 0ptions : 2day/1night: Price 6,100 Baht
Snorkeling 0ptions : 3day/2night: Price 7,600 Baht

Bungalow with fan

Snorkeling 0ptions : 2day/1night, Price 8,200 Bath
Snorkeling 0ptions : 3day/2night, Price 9,600 Bath

Bungalow with air con

Snorkeling 0ptions : 2day/1night,Price 9,200 Bath
Snorkeling 0ptions : 3day/2night, Price 10,500 Bath




  • Marine Park snorkeling fees  Surin Islands
  • Transfers from hotel on departure and arrival back to your hotel
  • meals,
  • Drinking water,
  • Snorkeling guide
  • Snorkeling Equipment

  • Soft Drinks
  • Beers

  • 08:00 pick up from your Hotel
  • 09:00 Departue from Namkhem pier  by speed boat
  • 10:20 arrive on Surin Islands
  • norkeling at Chong Kad or mai Ngam Beach
  • 11:10 explore the Moken village
  • 12:00 lunch at the national park
  • 13:30 check into your accommodation – meet you guide – relax on Mai Ngam Beach
  • 16:30  jungle walk to  Kra Ting Bay – Sunset
  • 19:00 Dinner, return back to you accommodation.


  • 08:00 breakfast
  • 09:00 Snorkeling and swimming in the crystal waters
  • 12:00 lunch
  • 13:30 Snorkeling at bon Bay or Mae Yai Bay and snorkeling at Pineapple Bay or Tao Bay
  • 15:30 departure drom Surin islands
  • 17:00 arrive back to Namkhem pier and then back to your hotel