Surin snorkeling with Nemo

The Surin Islands



A Tropical Paradise

 This tropical paradise island is surrounded by clear blue waters that are home to a diversity of fertile marine life. There are more than 200 coral species here. it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular spot for nature enthusiasts. White sandy beaches and shallow snorkeling opportunities make this a must-see spot for any keen snorkelers. You can find many interesting wildlife species here. These include Monitor Lizards, Flying Fox, Macaque .There have also been over 90 species of bird reported on the island.Nature at it’s most beautiful!

Something Special

On our way to the Surin Islands will will pass through the mangroves which was once the old silk route to Khao lak.


The Mokens live on sea of the Surin Islands

For thousand of years the Moken, sea people have lived in the Surin Islands, without much influence from western culture. The Moken are hunter gatherers, with a huge knowledge of the sea that surrounds them .

When the Indian Ocean Tsunami struck. The Mokens  saved many lives as they were able to read the signs –  When the sea recedes you should move to higher grounds. Their livelihood is totally dependent on the sea, spear fishing is vitally important to them. The Moken people are skilled free divers and reach depth of over 20 meters(65ft). Staying under water there for several minutes on a single breath looking for food

Moken have amazing vision underwater.

They have amazing underwater vision. Their eye sight has evolved from centuries of free diving. Allowing them to see in their underwater environment more clearly. Without using weights, the Mokens have mastered the art of being negatively buoyant. This has the great advantage. Of letting them walk across the ocean floor hunting for daily food. When it’s low tide the women of the village collect seashell and make jewellery. Possible to sell to the tourist. Who wish to see them in their natural environment.

Times have changed for the Mokens of the Surin Islands. The younger generation are being encouraged to live on the land. Where once you could see roofs made from palm leafs. Now its blue Tarpaulins. That covers their heads at night. where once there was silence of the small sail boats passing by, now there is only the noise of the engines of the long tail boats.




  • Marine Park Snorkeling fees for Surin Islands
  • Transfers from hotel on departure and arrival back to your hotel
  • meals,
  • Drinking water,
  • Snorkeling guide
  • Snorkeling Equipment

  • Soft Drinks
  • Beers

  • 08:00 check in and pick up snorkeling equipment
  • 09:00 leave Namkhem pier by speed boat to Surin Islands
  • 10:20 arrive at Surin Islands, 1nd Snorkeling site at Chong Kad. Vist the Moken people
  • 12:00 lunch on the beach
  • 13:30 Snorkeling on Bon Bay or Mae Yai Bay
  • 14.50 Snorkeling on Pineapple Bay or Tao Bay
  • 15;30 departue from Surin Islands
  • 17:00 arrive back at Namkhem pier