Snorkelers & Divers - Similan Liveaboards

Snorkelers & Divers – Similan Liveaboards

Snorkelers & Divers on a Similan Liveaboards, are becoming very popular in here in khoa lak. Most Similan liveaboards cater only for divers. Which can be a disappointment for the divers because, most divers, may have a partner who doesn’t like the diving experience. So the diver either goes on the liveaboard without there partner or they go on a snorkeling liveaboard without having enjoyed the Similan islands diving experience.

There are many Similan Liveaboard if they wish to go on a 2day/1night ,3day/2night, 3day/3night or even a classic liveaboard 4day/4night.  All of our liveaboards. We will provide a snorkel guide as well as a dive guide – 4 divers to one instructor.

We provide two option here, and we will talk about the difference between the two different types of liveaboards

 Snorkelers & Divers, a platform boat – Similan Liveaboard
Similan liveaboard Snorkelers & Divers

Similan liveaboard Snorkelers & Divers

A platform boat

Disadvantages of a platform liveaboard, Snorkeler & Divers

  • You have new customers everyday – its hard to get to know other people. Your dive buddy might change everyday.

Advantages of a platform liveaboards, Snorkeler & Divers

  •  It’s cheaper because you are not staying for a long time. The most popular choice is a 2day/1night – 6 dives in total. including a sunset or night dive
  • for  the people who do not have time to spend longer on the Similan Island but still want to experience an over night on the Similan Islands


Snorkelers & Divers,  a Classic Similan Liveaboard 
Similan liveaboard Snorkelers & Divers

Similan liveaboard Snorkelers & Divers

A Classic liveaboard

A classic liveaboard, is when the liveaboard leaves from the pier with the customer on board and no other customer join this trip. So you spend you 3day/3night – 4day/4night with the same people

Disadvantages of a classic liveaboard Snorkeler & Divers

  •  It’s more expensive. But you do get better value for money per dive.

Advantages of a Classic liveaboard Snorkeler & Divers.

  • per dive it works out cheaper with most dive working out at half the price.
  • there is a better atmosphere on the boat. You get to know all the divers and snorkelers.
  • you get to visit all the snorkeling site. where nobody else goes