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Similan Snorkeling

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Similan Snorkeling Day Trips

Diving similan islandswestern clown fish also known as Nemo

Picture Perfect
On Island Number 8 in the Similan Islands, the walk up to the towering Sail Rock takes around 30 minutes. The view is truly one of the best that Thailand has to offer, so make sure you bring your camera.

Nature’s Finest
Island Number 4
is home to Princess Bay. The nature trail here takes you to the other side of the beautiful island. Don’t spend too long on the other side though, or you might miss your beach lunch!

Ultimate Relaxation
We like to give all our customers a choice of different snorkeling sites. For anyone who doesn’t want to snorkel at the Similans you can always stay on the island or simply relax on the boat with a book

Come Snorkeling with Pirate Divers

Snorkelling from a Speed Boat

Travel time – 60 minutes

This trip is ideal for anyone who wants to get to the islands quickly and spend as much time as possible on the beach. By sunset you will be back at your resort sipping on a cool cocktail while the slow boat is making its way back to the dock. There are toilet facilities on board the speed boat and there is also a shaded area to protect you from the sun.

Itinerary for your day trip

07:00 – pick up from your hotel and bring you to Pirate Divers Shop where are staff are waiting
07:30 – Fill in all necessary paper work and get sized up for Snorkeling equipment
07:45 – Pirate Divers staff will transfer you to Tabla Muu pier by mini van
08:15 – Speed Boat briefing and Snacks
10:00 –  First Snorkeling site of the day on Similan Island No 5 and No 6
12:00 – lunch on the beach on island no 4 Koh Miang
13:00 – Second Snorkeling site Similan island No 8. Take a leisurely walk up to Sail Rock
14:40 – We start to head back to pier Tabla muu
17;30 –  Pirate Divers Staff we transfer you back to your hotel

  Snorkeller from 3,200 Baht

Snorkelling from a Family Boat

Travel time – 3 hours

This trip allows you to enjoy gazing out over the Andaman Sea while making your way to the famous Similan Islands. After a huge buffet of Thai/European food, you can sit back and sunbathe or take some time to relax and enjoy the view as it passes. This is a great way for snorkelers and divers to come together and enjoy a sunset drink on the deck.

Itinerary for your day trip

07:00 – pick up from your hotel and bring you to Pirate Divers Shop where are staff are waiting
07:30 – Fill in all necessary paper work and get sized up for Snorkeling equipment
07:45 – Pirate Divers staff will transfer you to Tabla Moo Pier by mini van
08:00 – We board the boat and set sail to the Similan Islands
08:15 – Boat briefing and breakfast
10:30 – Our staff will set up your Snorkeling equipment on the dive deck
11:00 –  First Snorkel of the day
12:30 – lunch on the top deck
14:00 – second Snorkeling of the day
15:00 – We start to head back to Tabla Moo Pier
18;00 –  Pirate Divers Staff we transfer you back to your hotel

Snorkeler from 3,200 Baht

Snorkeler with Turtle - similan islandsLooking down from the view point on Similan 4Similan Snorkeling Day Trips

Our Snorkeling Trips by Speed Boat

Monday – Friday
Similan Islands and Ko Bon

Tuesday,Thursday Saturday
Surin Islands

3 Virgin Island Tour
Koh Prathong, Koh Ra, Ko Kai


Something Special for the Snorkelers!

The unseen Koh Phrathong is Thailand’s hidden paradise. It is located off the west coast of Thailand and the nearest town is Khuraburi. This tropical savannah is still quite remote and unspoilt. Here you can embrace the wealth of local cultural life and adventure across the island, enjoying the panoramic views from the local Tak Tak Cars.

This snorkelling day trip starts from Nam Keam, just north of Khao Lak. You will be collected from your Khao Lak resort and taken to the pier where tea, coffe and snacks will be waiting for you while you listen to a briefing of the day ahead. You will then join the speedboat that will take you across the small stretch of Andaman Sea and over to Koh Prathong. Make sure to enjoy the views as you cross the water – look at the beautiful mangrove forests as you make your way across.

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Things to consider before you book:

  • Check that your travel insurance includes cover for all accidents on a boat, including evacuations. Don’t worry if it does not, we can arrange that separately for you if required.
  • Notify your bank that you are travelling to Thailand. This ensures that your credit/debit cards will work and avoids any ‘red flags’ when making payments.
  • Make sure your departure and arrival dates are not tightly scheduled with any transfer plans. Transportation can sometimes be delayed making you miss departure time, or the boat could arrive back to port late (although this is unlikely). 

It’s highly unlikely that anything will go wrong, but it’s always best to be prepared!

Frequently Asked Questions. Click on the Green tab for the answer.

I haven't snorkelled before, will I be OK?

If it’s your first time snorkelling please tell your guide. They will understand if you are a little nervous and will keep a closer eye on you.

Are there life jackets on the boat?

All the companies we use supply life jackets.

Can divers and snorkellers be on the same boat?

Yes! But you will not be on the same site. The snorkelling sites are too shallow for the divers and the dive sites are to deep for the snorkelers, but you will meet up for lunch on the boat.

Can children come snorkelling?

Some companies have an age limit of no younger than 3 years old. Others allow all ages, but they must be supervised by an adult

What should I bring on a snorkelling boat?

Some companies have a videographer on board, so you will need some cash to pay for your DVD if you would like one. Plus, If you wish to have a beer or soft drinks (on some boats soft drinks are included).

It’s amazing how many people forget to bring sun protection. The burning time in Thailand is 10 mins without sun screen.

Some companies do not supply towels, bring your own just in case.

Let’s Do Diving

View Our Liveaboards

Similan Snorkeling Liveaboards (Safaries) With Pirate Divers

Experience Sunrise and Sunset on the Similans

You can always go on a Similan snorkeling safari. It is a good way to experience sunrise/sunset on the islands, but more importantly you will get a chance to see the Similans when no one else is there in the evenings and mornings.

Similan Liveaboards

A quiet time to truly see the Similan islands at
their best! Beautiful sunsets in the Similans on a live-a-board.

2 days/1 night Similan Islands
3 days/3 nights Similans Islands
4 days/4 nights Similans/Surin Islands