Yellow box Fish in the Similan Islands

Similan Scuba – Yellow Boxfish

Similan Scuba

The yellow cube boxfish, or ostracion cubicus if we’re speaking Latin, is a juvenile boxfish found commonly when diving in the Similan Islands. No Similan scuba excursion would be complete without coming across one of these endearing babies.

Easily identifiable by its vivid yellow colour, black spots, mini flappy fins and teeny boxy shape, these little ones grow up to be rather browner, significantly bigger and more rectangular than cube-like. Still a lovely fish to see, it’s the babies that really send my heart aflutter.


Similan Scuba – Yellow Boxfish


Simply put, the  Similan Scuba – Yellow Boxfish is one tiny little badass box of cuteness. If you’re in any doubt, here are the top three reasons why you need to book your Similan scuba adventure right now so you can get face to face with this adorably bizarre fishy friend.



  1. No one likes a fussy eater like the Similan scuba – Yellow Boxfish

How can one so small and loveable be such a greedy piggy?! Appearances can be deceptive. As you’ll see on your Similan scuba exploration, the yellow cube boxfish simply loves to eat, and we love to watch it eat. As fish go, it certainly isn’t fussy – whilst mainly munching on marine algae, it also likes to nibble on sponges, crustaceans, molluscs and worms, and has even been known to chow down on other small fish.


  1. Tiny but deadly


    Smilan Islands View

It may be small, but this little fish certainly packs a punch. The vast majority of fish you’ll see when Similan scuba diving are pretty harmless – and whilst I’m yet to hear of a diver who’s had an altercation with a boxfish, other fish better beware. If these tiny creatures become stressed or are somehow injured they can release a highly poisonous protein that infects the surrounding water. This can prove deadly to any fish unlucky enough to be in the vicinity. But don’t say they didn’t warn you – the bright yellow colouring and black spots are there to give a clear sign to any potential predators to keep away.


  1. This fish is baller

Whilst usually a pretty solitary fish, the yellow cube boxfish sure knows how to party. With half the year spent alone guarding his territory and exploring the oceans up to depths of 280 meters, come spring as the waters warm, he starts to feel the urge for female company. And once he’s feeling frisky, this little dude doesn’t just seek out a girlfriend, he gets himself a whole harem of hoes. With always three to five girls on the go at any one time, this dinky fish really is the loveable rogue we all love to hate when Similan scuba diving.