Similan Liveaboard

Similan Liveaboards Questions

There are so many Similan liveaboard questions to ask. It must be incredible hard to know which one to choose from. Everyone will tell you there trip is the best. Some lie and some bend the truth and some will actually tell you the truth. It’s hard to tell the difference between who you can trust and who, just wants your money.

Here are some Similan Liveaboards Questions you will be asked

How many dives do you have ?

Similan Liveaboards Questions

Similan Liveaboards Questions

  •  Inexperienced diver might be placed on dive sites that are to experienced for them – aftermath, they will hate diving and will always be scared of the water.
  • If you are an experienced diver and are booked on dive sites that are boring to an experienced diver – aftermath, you think the Similan islands is not as exciting as you thought it should have been


What certification level are you ?

Open water course Similan Islands

  • Richelieu rock is the most famous dive site here. In the Similan Island. Lots of things to see. Sea horses (22meters)  if you are an open water diver (maximum depth 18 meters) maybe it’s best if, before you Similan Liveaboard you, do your Deep adventure dive or your Advanced Open Water course before you dive Richelieu Rock or Koh Tachai. Or even better, why not do you the course on your liveaboard.

When do you plan on coming to the Similan Islands. Will there be a full moon?

Just before full moon and just after full moon, the Similan Islands will experience strong currents. This can be a good thing if you are experience diver and enjoy a challenge underwater. If on the other hand, you don’t have much experience underwater. This can be a scary situation, also a very short dive. but if you start your Similan liveaboard on dive sites that is gentle and finish it with a dive with a little more current. This will give you more confidence underwater