Similan liveaboard

Similan liveaboard options?

when you’re considering your Similan liveaboard options. Here are some of the things, you should take into consideration before you make that final decision. Diving is not a cheap sport and it you make, the wrong choices you may be disappointed and you have wasted a lot of cash in the process. Everyone is going to tell you their similan liveaboard  is the best but i will give you some pointer on how to make the right choice for you. At Pirate Divers we offer options. You tell me what you expect and I will give you an unbiased opinions  based on my 9 years of living here in Thailand in the Diving world. As one customer told me –  Brenda your like my very own search engine. At Pirate Divers we teach are own courses but we do use other boats. My staff will always informed me, on how the boat was run – was there any problem on the boat?. If they have new crew, are they unexperienced. This is how I keep up with quality control on the boats.

How experienced are you?Yi - Similan Diving

If you are less experiences you might want to have your first few dive in a more relaxed dive site first.


Certification level?

You can be an Open Water Diver and have 200 dives or an Advance diver with 9 dives. Again, this goes back to experience. choosing the right dive sites is very important. Plus when on the liveaboard are they doing the best dive sites. At the beginning of the trip or the end?

How long do you want to stay on your Similan liveaboard?

We offer a wide rang of options from 7days/7nights to 3day/3nights. It all depends on the dive sites you want to dive. Some are better than others and in some cases, you will need to spend at least two nights on your Similan liveabord to see these dive sites. Richelieu rock is amazing in the morning so you need to spend one night on the boat to experience the morning dive at Richelieu Rock.

How much are you will to spend?Similan Liveaboard

You can spend a vast amount of cash on the top of the rang liveaboard but do the same dive sites as a mid-rang liveaboard.  Generally you get what you have paid for .There are some boats in the same price range that are better then others.I know because i have worked on all of them.