View from a Similan Liveaboard

Similan Liveaboard Diving

Similan liveaboards from Khao Lak

Umming and ahhing over whether to take day trips to the Similan Islands or bite the bullet and book Similan liveaboard diving?  Well, here are the top 3 reasons to book your Similan liveaboard diving right now.

  1. Boats for any budget

Beyond the inherent natural beauty of the Similan Islands and the diversity of aquatic life, the sheer choice of liveaboard options makes Similan liveaboard diving a must. There’s a boat for you regardless of budget – all with their different quirks and charms. These range from tiny backpacker boats where you all sleep together under the stars, right up to your ultimate luxury cruises with on-boat masseur (not that I’d recommend a massage straight after diving – but great for any non-diving companions). Also, whatever boat you choose – you will save money! Add up hotels, taxis, day diving and restaurants and any liveaboard you choose is bound to leave you with pennies to spare.


  1. So many more dive sites to choose from

You’ve really got to go for Similan liveaboard diving if you want to experience the full expanse of local diving on offer. Day trips can be a lot of fun, and are perfect for those who can only do a day or two’s diving. However, if you’re here primarily to dive and want to really explore then it’s got to be a liveaboard. Most day trips stick quite rigidly to ten or so different dive sites – but that’s just scraping the surface! There are so many more sites to try, and only the liveaboards will take you there. Not to mention you’ll be nearly doubling your dives, diving three to four a day instead of a day trip’s two.

  1. There ain’t no sunset like a liveaboard sunset

You think you’ve seen a sunset? I’ll take any sunset you’ve ever seen and put money on it that the sunsets on the boat will blow them out of the water. Similan liveaboard diving is truly the only way to watch the sun go down. Whether you’re relaxing post diving on the boat with a beer, or exploring one of the now deserted islands after all the tourists have gone home – the exquisitely intense Similan sunsets will not disappoint. The best way to experience the sunset? Well, underwater of course! Find a boat that offers a sunset dive for the ultimate diving / sunset combo. Eerie lighting and hunting fish getting ready for bed make the perfect end to any day’s diving and might well just be the highlight of your trip. Oh, and of course – there’s nothing quite like a manta fly-by as the sun goes down!