Similan Islands - snorkelling

Similan Islands Snorkeling

Similan Islands Snorkeling

Similan Islands Snorkeling is world renounced. Many customers have asked me, many questions about, Similan Islands Snorkeling. And Surin Island Snorkeling but there are two main question that are asked again again

  • What’s the difference between these two snorkeling sites
  • which is the best one – Similan Islands Snorkeling or Surin Islands Snorkeling

This is not a straight forward question. There are many options to choose from. The Surins Islands is the furthest away. which, if you are prone to sea sickness. Is not the best choice, if the seas isn’t flat. The similan Islands is the nearest snorkeling site.

The Surin Islands Snorkeling

Moken Village - Surin islands

Moken Village – Surin islands

In the 70 the Surin Islands acted as a refuge for small fishing boats during storms days It is also home of the Moken Sea Nomads. These sea gypsies are great to interact with. The kids here are delighted if visitors bring colouring books and pencils. The Surin Islands is the only islands you will see Totem Poles -.Totem poles are large sculptures carved

on poles, posts, or pillars with symbols or figures made from large trees. There are bungalows and tents available for rent here and there is also a government restaurant where you can order dinner – it not cheap. The snorkeling is beautiful and you will see many different types of fish.

The Similan Islands Snorkeling

Similan Islands Snorkeling

Similan Islands Snorkeling

The Similan islands snorkeling is amazing here but it can get over crowded at the height of the season. The thing that makes Similan island snorkeling here different from the Surin island and Donald duck Bay. Here you can climb up to sail Rock and witness an amazing view of Donald Duck bay. There is no restaurant here so many company bring their own food.
The problem with these site is that they are quite far away from each other. You can for example, visit all these sites on a day trip tour on different days. If you wish to see them all without getting off the boat. You will have to go on a liveaboard. Here you have divers and snorkelers on the same boat. Which i think makes a great mix of people. Each enjoying the activity of there choice.