Similan Islands Scuba Diving Options

Similan Islands Scuba Diving Options

Scuba diving Similan Islands, has made the quite town of khao lak into a very popular diving and Snorkeling destination for all nationalities. Khao lak is only 80 minus, by taxi from Phuket airport. There are a number of new hotels, being built here at the moment. Customers can choose from the super expensive to the large dorm rooms for accommodation. Khao lak is catering for a kinds of financial budgets.

Scuba diving Similan islands, is not a cheap sport. Generally, scuba diving is not a cheap sport, anywhere in the world. When you are scuba diving in the Similan islands you have to take in to account. The Marine park fees. This money is used to protect the marine life from overfishing, and to stop any unwelcomed visitor to the Andaman seas. If your scuba diving Similan islands, you will pay 600 bath per day. This allows you to enter the Similan islands as a scuba diver. A snorkeler will pay 400 baht per day.

What Certification Level for Scuba diving Similan Islands?

Every level of certification can go Scuba diving in the Similan Islands. This is a great place to learn diving from the Discover Scuba Diver – this is a person who has never been underwater before. To the novice diver – a person who has completed the open water course, but has little experience other, then that. To the experience divers. Who has been scuba diving for many years.

Scuba diving Similan Islands, can offer you lots of options if your thinking of going diving. Day trip tours are for the customer; you want to come back to their hotel room at night.

Similan Islands Scuba Diving Options

Similan Islands Scuba Diving Options

Day Trip options for Similan Islands Scuba Diving

If you are short on time, try our day trips boats. We are offering three different types of transport.  Speed boat, Catamaran and Slow boat.

The differences between the Speed boat and the Catamaran is very little. The speedboat is a quicker option. But not by much. The catamaran is wider. Here, you will have more stability in the water.

The only disadvantage of scuba diving from both these option is. The scuba diver must jump from the back of the boat. Where the engines are. This is, in no way dangerous but some divers don’t feel comfortable jumping in to the water in this manner

Scuba diving Similan Islands, by a slow boat.

Your journey to the Similan Islands will be much longer. Depending on where the slow boat is going. Scuba diving Similan Islands on a Wednesday by slow boat. Allows the scuba diver to dive, three dives in one day at Koh Tachai and Ko Bon. Departure from the pier will be 8am. Arrival back to the pier after scuba diving will be 8pm. Value for money, this is a great day scuba diving, but it is a long day. The rest of the week, the slow boat will go to Similan islands eight, six, five and four. Arrival time back at the pier will be 6:30pm.