Similan Islands Day Trip Diving

Similan Islands Day Trip

Similan Islands

A Similan Islands Day Trip tours can be, a day trip diving or a snorkeling day trip tour. I will give you all the best options. The best diving sites and the best snorkeling experience

Day Trip Diving

The Best dive sites are Ko Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu rock. Every Wednesday we dive Ko Bon and Ko Tachai on a 3 dive day.  This is a long day. Pick up depends on your hotel location.  It can be from 7:am departure to return at 7:pm. This is the best value for money.

Similan Islands Day Trip

Similan Islands Day Trip

The other dive site not to be missed is Richelieu Rock. Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday we dive this world famous dive site. This is a short day. We reach Richelieu rock by speed boat. Departure from the pier is between 9:00am and return time is 4:30pm.

if you can only dive on a Similan Islands day trip. These two day trip tours are the best options you can choose from.

Day Trip Snorkeling

The best snorkeling in Thailand is the Surin Islands. The Similan day trip tours in the peak season is very crowded. Depending on you arrival date to khoa lak. I will advise customers on different Snorkeling site.

Similan Islands Day Trip Snorkeling.

Similan Islands Day Trip Snorkeling.

If you get sea sick.I  will always advise our customer to go on your snorkeling trip by a slow boat.
Depart 8:00 am – returns 5;30pm

If you suffer from a bad back go snorkeling to the Similan Islands by a slow boat. A speed boat will only cause a lot of back pain.

The Surin Islands is far from mainland Khao lak. This snorkeling day trip tour can be reach by speed boat only. Three different snorkeling area. The best is Turtle Island.

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