Similan Diving Question & Answers

Question & Answers about Liveaboards

Some question we will ask our customer before they go diving with us. Some questions you should know before you book your diving trip.

Q)When was the last time you dived?
A) If it’s over a year we advise you to take a Scuba review, Safety comes first.

Q) Do you have any medical problem?
Any existing medical conditions must be endorsed with a Dive Doctor Certificate to ensure your insurance is valid

Q)What certification are you? Open Water, Advanced?
A) More experienced divers don’t want to dive with newly certified dives and vise versa. We make sure that our customers, are placed in the correct diving group for there experience

Q) Can I do a diving course on a liveaboard?
Yes. There are companies that will do an open water course on a liveaboard , but my advise is to do the open water course on land, on the local reefs. Then go on a liveaboard as a certified diver.

The advanced open water course is much more enjoyable on a liveaboard. Compared to diving on a day trip boat. – better dive sites and more time is spent with your Instructor.

Q) I sometimes feel seasick when I’m on a boat. Is this a problem.?
If you feel seasick by just looking at a boat. Then I would advise you not to consider going on a liveaboard. There are loads of thing to do in Khao lak. Pirate Divers land tours are an excellent option. If it’s a mild seasickness then I would advise you to go on a liveaboard that has a steel hull. These liveaboard are very sturdy in the water and are less prone to rocking in the water.

Q) Am i fully insured on a liveaboard ?
I always advise our customers to take out personnel insurance. That will cover evacuation from the Similan islands and if they need to be sent to the re-compressor chamber. We offer full coverage if you need it.

Q) What happens if the Similan Liveabord is cancelled?
A) All our customer will get a full refund from Pirate Divers if their Liveaboard is cancelled. We will of course, give you other options for another liveaboard

Things you should do before coming to Thailand

Notify your bank that you are traveling to Thailand. This ensures your credit/debit cards will work and avoids any ‘red flags’ when making payments.

A Sea Fan underwater at the Similan Islands

Similan Diving Questions & Answers

Advantages of being on a liveaboard in the Similan Islands

  • Sunset on the Similan Islands
  • It offers better value for money per dive
  • You get to meet new people
  • Your accommodation is included in the price
  • You get to experience a tropical sunset and sunrise
  • You eliminate the hassle of traveling back and forth
  • You get the island all to yourself after the day trippers have left
  • Morning dives and night dives are the best.

What to Take on a Similan liveaboards

  • Towels
  • Cameras.. If you don’t have a camera we can rent you one. Some companies do have
  • Shampoo/conditioner
  • Money, if you want a beer after diving. Some companies do charge for soft drinks
  • your luggage can be left at our office/hotel
  • sarongs-some people do get a little cold after diving
  • Sunscreen/after lotion
  • a book for those chill out moments.

whether you choose a 2day/1nigh or 7day/7night. The price we offer will always include and exclude. The list below.



  • Marine Park diving fees for Similan Islands
  • Complete set of quality diving equipment
  • Transfers from hotel on departure and arrival back to your hotel
  • All meals, snacks and fruit
  • Drinking water, tea and coffee
  • professional dive guides
  • dive groups of 5 – 4
  • 15 litre dive tank (150 THB per day)
  • Nitrox (150 THB per dive)
  • Nitrox package (2850 THB – 18 dives)
  • long wetsuit (200 THB per day)
  • Prescriptive dive mask -1/-10 (200 THB per day)
  • Soft Drinks (20 THB per unit)
  • Beers (70 THB per unit)