Rescue Course – Similan Islands

A Rescue course in the Similan Islands, Is best experienced. when you are on a  liveaboard. Lots of option to choose from, 4day/4night, 3day/3night 2day/1night. The rescue course take 3 to 4 days to finish. It all depends on the student. we like to preform all our courses at a relaxed pace.

rescue course on the Similan Islands

Rescue course

When you are on a liveaboard its much more fun because you have time to enjoy the Rescue course.  if you have time, watch the video on land and answer the Five Rescue Diver knowledge review at the back of each chapter before you go on the liveaboard.


Requirments for the Rescue Diver course

Minimum age is 12 years old -12-14 year old divers may earn Junior Rescue Diver certifications


 Skill you will have to preform in the Rescue Course

Self-Rescue situation

  • Cramp release
  • Establishing buoyancy at the surface
  • Airway control
  • Use of an alternate air source
  • Overcoming vertigo and reestablishing sense of direction.

Tired Diver

  • Assist a tired (rational) responsive diver at the surface
  • Approach
  • Evaluation
  • Making Contact
  • Reassuring the Diver
  • Assists and Transport
  • Equipment Removal

Panicked Diver

  • Rescue a panicked (irrational) diver, demonstrating
  • Approach and Evaluation
  • Making Contact
  • Releases
  • Approach with a quick reverse to stay out of a panicked diver’s grasp.



Marine Park diving fees for Similan & Surin Islands
Complete set of quality diving equipment
Transfers from hotel on departure and arrival back to your hotel
All meals, snacks and fruit
Drinking water, tea and coffee

15 litre dive tank (150 THB per day)
long wetsuit (200 THB per day)
Prescriptive dive mask -1/-10 (200 THB per day)
Soft Drinks (20 THB per unit)
Beers (70 THB per unit)