Diving in the Similans

Diving was the best decision

I have ever made!

Open Water Course

At Pirate Divers we like to Keep are Open Water Courses to  small groups.

We provide a maximun of 2 Students to 1 Instructor.  Providing clearer instruction and relaxed learning all of which will make you a better and safe diver!

Some advice

If you have the time.The best thing to do is book your open water course a few days in advance. The reason being – you will receive an open water manual book. There are 5 chapters to this book and it makes life a lot easier, if you have read, at least 3 chapters and answered the knowledge reviews, at the end of each chapter, before you start the course.

There is a lot of information is connect to this course and coming prepared makes it a lot easier. We make all are course as flexible as we can.

Day 1 of your Open Water Course with Pirate Divers

Meeting your Instructor at the Prate Divers shop

Open water pool for Student

Open water pool for Student

Meet and greet your Diving Instructor. Usually, you will watch 3 DVDs. Each one lasting around 45 minutes. There are multiple choice quizzes after each DVD. This is to make sure you understand everything so far. In your open water manual there are knowledge reviews to be answered with your Diving Instructor. Lunch Time! The pool session is great fun. Everything you have seen on the DVDs you will repeat with your diving Instructor in the pool. It’s Easy! They will do a skill and you will repeat them.

Day 2, Open Water Courses

Watch the remaining DVDs and answering quizzes and knowledge reviews. The pool session is the same. Watch and repeat

Day 3, Open Water Course.

This will be your first two dives in the open sea. Maximum depth is 12 meters. This dive is all about relaxing and getting use to being under water and practicing your buoyancy. There are no skills to demonstrate. Dive two, will have some skills to demonstrate and then it’s back to diving.

Day 4, Open Water Course.

The fourth day is the best day of your course. Your are more confident and relaxed. Last two dives of your course. Maximum depth is 18 meters. Again you will demonstrate some diving skills and then, it’s back to having more fun diving! Final exam, 50 multiple choice questions. You are now an open water diver! Course Prices You have many options here. If you wish to keep to a small budget. You can complete the open water section in one of the local reefs or you can complete the open water section on the Similan Islands.


Our Students

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Marine Park diving fees for Similan & Surin Islands
Complete set of quality diving equipment
Transfers from hotel on departure and arrival back to your hotel
All meals, snacks and fruit
Drinking water, tea and coffee

Prescriptive dive mask -1/-10 (200 THB per day)
Soft Drinks (20 THB per unit)
Beers (70 THB per unit)

Day on of your Open Water course
09:00 meet your instructor at Pirate divers shop. Fill in Paper work
10:00 first video and Quiz’s finished
11:00 second video and Quiz’s finished
12:00 third video and Quiz’s finished
14;00 Pool session
Day two
10:00 Meet your instructor at pirate divers Shop
11:00 fourth video and Quiz’s finished
12:00 Fifth video and Quiz’s finished
13:00 Pool session
Day Three
7:10 pick up at your hotel to Tapla muu pier
10:00 First dive of your Open water course
11:30 Lunch
13:40 second dive
Day Four
7:10 pick up at your hotel to Tapla muu pier
10:00 third dive of your Open water course
11:30 Lunch
13:40 fourth dive

Open water course 2 dives local reef, two dives in the Similan Islands 17,600 Baht.
Open water course 4 dives in the Similan Islands 19,200 Baht.