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Learn to Dive with
Pirate Divers

This is where all the fun begins. Maybe you just want to try scuba diving or go one level up and become a certified diver. Trust us we know what we are doing.
All Pirate divers staff are all committed  to an Eco friendly dive center. We care about the environment and feel passionate about teaching our students about the world below the water.

All our diving course will start at Pirate Divers shop. WE guarantee that all our diving course are kept to small groups. Ensuring everyone is trained to the a high standard.

Our instructors are from all parts of the world. We share a common goal. To teach with passion.



  • Scuba Review Similan Islands
  • Private Guide - Similan Islands
  • Discover Scuba Diving with customers

Discover Scuba Diver (DSD)

One day, two dives

Pirate divers customers having a great time on a Live-a-board

Pirate Divers customers
Similan Island Liveaboard

  • This experience introduces you to the world of diving
  • It’s not a course so there is no pressure to pass any exams
  • Our instructor is with you at all times
  • It shows you that anyone can become a diver
  • It’s all about having fun!



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Pirate Divers Open Water Course

(Minimun age is 10 years) The Padi Open Water Course is a certified course and is a recognize diving organization worldwide.
Pirate Divers Open Water Course

1 Student – 3 days Open Water Course
2 Student – 4 days Open Water Course

The first day of the course you will be introduced to you instructor at Pirate divers shop. There are five DvDs to watch and quizzes to answer. Five knowledge review to fill in and pool sessions to complete.

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Pirate Divers Advanced Course

(Minimum age of 12 years) An Advanced Open Water Course allows you to go to a depths of 30 meters and improves your diving skills.This Padi certification can be used all over the world.
Pirate Divers Advanced Course

2Day Course – 5 Dives

This can be a very flexible course, allowing you to choose between 1 or 2 adventure dives in a day on the Similans Islands and the remainder can be done in a different location at any time!

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It's more fun on a Pirate Divers liveaboard!

The Advanced Open Water Dive course can be done on one of our liveaboards

Rescue Course

The first day of your Rescue Course you will be introduced to you instructor. There are five DvDs to watch, quizzes to answer. Five knowledge review to answer scenario to compete.

rescue course on the Similan Islands

Rescue Course on the Similan Islandsand

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Small groups and great fun