Similan Diving

Similan Diving By Your Zodiac Sign

 Diving By Your Zodiac Sign

Libra through to Pisces

For those of you who’d like to let the universe guide you to the highlight of your Similan diving experience – look no further than our personalised astrological guide to Similan diving dive sites. Part 2 of this guide covers Libra through to Pisces…

Libra – West of Eden

Manta Rays having fun in Ko Bon

Similan Island Liveaboards

On balance, Libra will find this exquisite blend of topography and wildlife to be just what they’re looking for. Libra’s social conscious will also appreciate a site where divers of all ability levels can feel confident whilst experiencing some of the best underwater action that Similan diving has to offer.


Scorpio – Koh Bon pinnacle

Strong willed and mysterious. Scorpio can also be known to be secretive. The exclusivity of Kon Bon’s pinnacle will certainly capture Scoprio’s attention, as the site is known for being somewhat of an enigma. For experienced divers only, you’ll plunge straight to 30m at an unmarked site around 800m to the northwest of the island. Magnificent untouched corals and an abundance of life will make you wish you could stay deeper for longer. Find a dive company that will take you to 40m for even more magic.


Sagittarius – Elephant Head Rock

Freedom seeking Sagittarius is ever the explorer. The sheer quantity of hidden swim-throughs and alternative paths to discover on this site will instantly inspire Sagittarius to see clearly why this site is frequently rated as the best in Similan diving, and even one of the best in the world. With new life around every corner, even ever restless and impatient Sagittarius can be guaranteed to be kept transfixed every time they dive this site.


Capricorn – Boonsung wreck

Ever practical and reliable Capricorn likes to know what they’re getting on their dive – making the Boonsung wreck a perfect choice. Just like Capricorn, Boonsung always delivers on its promises. Fish, many many fish. Almost too many fish? If you can see past the walls of fish blocking your view into the blue, you might even spot a whale shark.


Aquarius – Shark Fin Reef

Similan Diving By Your Zodiac Sign

Similan Diving By Your Zodiac Sign

Curious and open-minded Aquarius will be blown away by the sheer enormity of these granite boulder pinnacles. As the rocks drop away steeply down to sand at 40 meters, Aquarius’s imagination will run wild as to what might be lurking in these hidden depths. Enjoy the swim-throughs, and make sure you keep your eyes peeled for leopard sharks.


Pisces – Koh Bon, the ridge

Intuitive and artistic Pisces wants to dive with manta rays. So Pisces is naturally most at home diving the beautiful island of Koh Bon. Similan diving is renowned for the island’s innate natural ability to draw in manta rays from all around the world. Pisces will want to hover neutrally just off the ridge, and wait patiently for these magnificent creatures to fly by.