Similans Diving

Scuba Review Similan Islands

One-day Course – 2/3 hours in the pool – depending on the Student!

All diving organization will insist that if a diver that has not dived in over 12 months. A diver must complete a Scuba Review. Customers will be taking to a pool with our Instructor. where you will repeat all the diving skill you learned on your open water course.

Diving is all about enjoyment and fun but most importantly it is about your safety. A scuba review is very necessary because it introduces the diver again to the world of buoyancy. Also to scenarios that might occur when you are diving. What if your regulator is accidentally kicked from you mouth? On your scuba review you will shown. How to calmly place the regulator back into your mouth and continue on your dive. Every skill you practiced in the pool. There is a reason for learning it. Safety comes first! Once your scuba review is completed, you will feel much more confident and relaxed on your first dive in the Similan Islands

Performance Requirements for a Scuba Review

Scuba Review Similan Islands

Scuba Review Similan Islands

  • Assemble and disassemble you diving Equipment
  • pre dive safety check
  • demonstrate deep-water entry
    breath from a snorkel and regulator without lifting your face from the water
  • Descend – 5-point method
  • regulator recovery – two methods – purge button or clear reg with your own breath
  • remove replace and clear your mask
  • respond to air depletion – out of air scenario,
  • ascend, using out of air depletion method,
  • breathing from an alternate air source
  • ascending using an alternate air source
  • breath from a free flowing regulator
  • demonstrate neutral buoyancy
  • ascending using 5-point method
  • remove and replace weight belt
  • simulate Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent – CESA
  • hover for 30 seconds
  • swim without a mask for 15 meters remove and replace mask
  • remove and replace your BCD
  • remove and replace scuba equipment under and above the surface

Itinerary for you Scuba Review

09:00 – Meet Outside Pirate Divers Shop.  Be Introduced to your diving Instructor
09:30  – Complete all necessary Paper work
10:00 –  Size up for diving Equipment
10:15 –  Go to the pool with your Instructor
13:00 –  finished scuba review. Arrive back to your hotel

Price  Per Person
2,500 BAHT – Group Rate Discount