scuba diving khao lak, Thailand

Scuba Diving Khao Lak

 Diving Khao Lak

If you’re planning a holiday or to travel through Thailand, it has no doubt been recommended that you really ought to learn to scuba dive while you’re there. This is true. And not only that, you really ought to learn to scuba dive in Khao Lak.


Scuba Diving Khao Lak, Thailand


Scuba diving Khao Lak is widely regarded as the best place to learn in Thailand. As opposed to other parts of Thailand which have the reputation for being more like factories pumping out new divers – learning in Khao Lak has a far more relaxed and personalised feel. But scrap all that… the diving’s simply way better too. You only learn to dive once, so you may as well do it somewhere fabulous.


To learn to scuba dive you’ll want to sign up to a PADI Open Water course. This is a four day course which combines theory and practice, teaching you everything you need to know to become a certified diver and to feel comfortable in the water. You’ll usually start with the first two days being a combination of study in the classroom and practice in the pool, with your last two days spent diving in the open water.


A huge benefit of scuba diving Khao Lak is the sheer choice of dive centres and course dates, meaning you’re bound to be able to find a course that meets your needs and fits with your itinerary. Courses vary in price, but generally cost around 15,000B.


And just in case you need any further convincing, here are my top 3 reasons to take your PADI Open Water course in Khao Lak:


  1. Khao Lak’s where it’s at

    Manta Rays having fun in Ko Bon

    Similan Island Liveaboards

Scuba diving Khao Lak is easy to get to, being just over an hour north of Phuket. It has something for everyone, with accommodation available to suit all budgets. There are beaches, bars, restaurants… and even plenty of activities to amuse any non-diving companions.


  1. Quite simply, the best diving in Thailand

Scuba diving Khao Lak is famous globally for it’s proximity to the Similan and Surin Island National Parks. You can finish your Open Water course with day trips to dive these spectacular islands – or if you get really hooked, you might even want to book yourself on a liveaboard boat trip for several days to really experience everything that diving this area has to offer. Either way you’ll experience beautiful warm waters, an abundance of marine life and create memories to last a lifetime.


  1. Money can’t buy you mantas

There are many reasons to learn to scuba dive, but once you have, seeing giant manta rays will be pretty high up your list of priorities. These ancient majestic creatures need to be seen to be believed. Scuba diving Khao Lak can make this a reality. Diving the limestone island of Koh Bon offers the greatest chance of a manta ray encounter – and if like me you’re truly blessed, you might even see one on your qualifying open water dives!