Richelieu rock diving

Richelieu Rock Diving

Richelieu Rock

This has to be one of the best experience you will have in your diving life. In this short video we try to show you how good Richelieu Rock Diving really is compared to other lesser dive sites in the Similan islands. Unfortunately since the Tsunami, some of the Similan dive sites have been destroyed. The rising water temperature also has played a part in some of the Similan Island coral being destroyed or bleached

Richelieu Rock is much further away from mainland Khao lak so Richelieu Rock was never affected by the rise in water temperature or the effects of the Tsunami.  Richelieu rock diving is still the best Thailand has to offer.

The Marine life

 Richelieu rock diving

The marine life in Richelieu rock

Richelieu Rock is so diverse. It’s hard to tell customer what they are going to see.
Giant schools of barracuda do reside here. Whale shark can be common place here but nobody really know when they will show up. Some say January to February is the best time for manta rays and whale shark but it’s the roll of the dice whether you get them here or not.

Richelieu is covered in purple coral. So if you don’t get to see some of the larger pelagic fish. It’s doesn’t really matter because Richelieu is so beautiful you will not be disappointing.

Shaped in a horse shoe formation. Richelieu Rock lets divers hide inside the shallow part of the dive site in strong currents. which  generally  happens after full moon. The current runs from north to south.

There is two ways to reach Richelieu rock on a day trip. By speed boat or Platform Boat

Bang Niang pick up time in the morning is 8:10 – 8:20am.
Khao khao lak  pick up time in the morning is 8:00 – 8:20am.

Pick up time depends on where your hotel is.
Arrival back from the pier after your two dives on Richelieu rock 4:00pm

Lets go diving!