Private Guide – Similan Islands

 Why take a Private Guide?

Have you ever been diving Similan islands and found yourself in a group where the other divers just didn’t suit you? Even though on paper it looks like you would be a good scuba diving group, same certification level and roughly the same amount of dives.  Maybe the other divers took all the attention of the dive guide with various problems or the other way around and you needed some extra attention and felt like you were a burden to the other scuba divers

Private Guide - Similan Islands

Private Giuse

On most of the trips that goes for diving Similan islands, Koh Bon or one of the other destinations in this area there is an option to take a private dive guide. This way you have a professional diver all to yourself! You can pick the brains of your dive guide and get extra tips on how to improve your buoyancy or fin kick technique or you can get that extra time to take the perfect photo when normally you have to rush onwards to keep up with the rest of the scuba divers in your dive group.

Scuba refresher

A couple of days ago we had a couple who wanted to go diving Similan islands, they hadn’t dived for a while (1,5 years) and last time they went it was during their qualification course. Instead of doing a full on scuba refresher in a pool, (which can be a good option if it has been a very long time since you dived and are about to go diving Similan islands) they decided to take a private dive guide for diving the Similan islands.

This way the refresher was integrated with diving Similan islands, where the conditions normally are good with clear water, small waves if any and little to moderate current. We simply started of closer to the islands over sandy bottom where we repeated some of the basic exercises from the course and took a few minutes to get accustomed to the underwater environment and then we headed out to the reef edge and had a wonderful diving Similan islands experience.

And if a private dive guide sounds like a good idea to you, then trust us a private pirate dive guide is going to be the best that you can get!