Dive Phuket - Open Water Course

A Phuket Low Season Diving Course

Phuket Low Season Diving Course experience your open water course. So today is the first day of my Open Water Student. Will start her scuba diving course. She is a really lovely girl from France, living in Switzerland.  She is a little nervous. I told her that it’s to be expected. Everyone is nervous. when they start something new. The language she will thought in the open water course will be English. Not French.  Everywhere in the world there will always be an English speaking diver master or instructor. So it makes things easier in the long run. Not the short run. To be thought in a universal languages.

First day of your open water course in Phuket

Phuket Low Season Diving Course

Phuket Low Season Diving Course

the perfect classroom – open water course

We go to the classroom. Jannett will look at three DVDs and answer some, quizzes. After each Video. You can always tell if someone really wants to do. The open water course or, if they are only doing it. Because their friend or boyfriend is doing the course.  You to can see the enthusiasm on her face.

This is a one on one open water course. It will only be, jannett and her Instructor. This always make for a great course. Because there is no waiting for other student, to finish their skill in the pool. This can be a cold experience. Waiting for other people to finish their skills. Students can get bored looking at the tiles in the swimming pool.

Because it is a one on one Open water course. the course will be completed in three days.

After the DVD and quizzes are completed. Janett will go to the pool. This normally takes two hours. Depending on the student. If anymore information is required. That is not a problem.  Everything will be, relaxed and easy. The student can come back into Pirate Divers khao lak shop. If they wish to talk some more to their instructor.

Day two of the open water course in Phuket

First dives on the open water course is Racha Noi ,Maximum Depth is 12meters. This is a gentle dive site. Perfect for, our student first dive in the open water. Jannett will complete some skills. Then it ‘s off to enjoy the marine life.

Second dive will be. Racha Yai. Again this is a gentle dive site. Some more open diver water skills, and then its off to enjoy the Andaman sea.

Day Three of the open water course

This is my favorite day. The student has begun to understand buoyancy a bit more. She is more relaxed and more confident in the water. First dive Phi Phi Island. Some more skills and then its off to discovery Phi Phi Island, underwater. Dive Three. A few more scuba diving skill and we are finished our diving skills. On the way home from the boat. We will finish with the final exam.

It’s that easy.