Pirate Divers, someone who listens to what you want.

‘Carmel Cooke

“Myself and my best friend have just returned from our first trip to Khao lak… one of our intentions was to go on a liveaboard diving trips around the Similan Islands. Jacqui is more experienced and definitely a better diver than i am so.  I was very apprehensive about this particular  aspect of our trip. We called into several diving  companies in the Khao lak area and found the hard sell off-putting. I found they where more interested in selling what they had available and not what we where looking for.

Thank God for Pirate Divers khao lak ..They listened to my concerns and arranged an amazing liveaboard trip for Jacqui and a great snorkelling  trip for me. If you intend travelling to this wonderful part of Thailand.