My Encounter with Pirate Divers was wonderful

I took a trip to visit a friend working in Thailand. Towards the end of the trip we decided to do some diving. upon arriving at the pirate divers shop we were greeted by a wonderful video of previous dives which only got us more excited for this new adventure! Brenda one of the sweetest gals you could ever hope to meet was as excited as we were and patiently answered any questions. She took the time to get us set up with the best trip we could afford never making us feel rushed for the next customer.

The shop was well-organized and the staff competent and patient couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Once we were scheduled and geared up it was as easy as hopping into the truck and taking a short drive to the pier. Where we embarked on what can only be described as an epic day of diving. Our guide for the trip was amazing! She was able to spot nudibranchs and corals I would’ve never been able to spot on our own; we even had the good fortune of seeing a pair of mantas gracefully gliding only a few feet overhead it was such a surreal experience being so close to such a majestic creature as well as all of the other vibrant sea life all around us! We did two dives that day each as amazing as the last hanging out on the boat enjoying delicious meals in between.

By the end of the day we were worn out and glowing with the excitement of what we had been so fortunate to see. The next day we paid another visit to the shop to tell Brenda all about our diving day. She is such a sweetheart we spent the afternoon telling her all about how great the experience was and Brenda shared stories from her and Phil’s diving and travelling past both wonderful and interesting people. Phil also does underwater cinematography for a lot of the dive trips. The speed and skill with which he compiles and composes these videos is amazing with the final product being a fun and beautiful representation of the days dives. We couldn’t have asked for a better shop to work with! The prices are very fair and the experience is phenomenal I absolutely recommend anyone looking for an amazing diving experience to pay the pirate divers a visit as soon as possible! Thank you so much Brenda, it was such a treat to meet you and I hope to visit again!