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MV Sea Chart – Khao Lak – local Dive sites

 MV Sea Chart 1, was a german built cargo ship which was transporting a load of Iron wood (Teak logs) from Burma to Vietnam. The boat encounter rough weather around the coast of Thailand. The MV Sea Chart started taking on water and sank. just outsideThapLamu Pier, nearKhao lak . The crew was thankfully, all rescued by the Thai navy.  For many years nobody could dive the wreck due to ownership rights. The owner wanted to salvage the cargo but the Thai Navy claimed they had salvage rights and the two parties are now in court.

MV Sea Chart- KhaoLak - local Divesites

MV Sea Chart- KhaoLak – local Divesites

Mv Sea Chart

Is lying in 40 metres of water. The shallowest point of the wreck is between   22 meters – 24 meters. There are two points of mild penetration on this wreck,  the wheel house and cargo hold.

 There is huge diversity of marine life on this wreck. But I mostly like to dive MV Sea Chart because of the topography of the site.

I recommend this site for Advanced Divers with over 50 dives.