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Manta – Koh Bon-13 years – Sofie

It doesn’t happen as often, as I would like, but I just love it when a family come in to Pirate Divers shop with a diver that’s 13 years of age who loves diving. Kids are amazing under water. They have no fear of the water. Or should I say, they have no fear of anything. They just do what they are instructed to do. This was a family of four. Two Adult and one babe (2 years of age) and Sofie (13 years of age)  similan Diving Mother and daughter
Unfortunately no company allows a child below four years of age on the boat. It’s understandable. I child can’t really tell you, if something is wrong. When they are that young. Plus the Similan Islands and Ko Bon are a long way away, so if something did happen. which is very unlikely, you are one and a half hours away from main land Thailand.

Both parents wanted to dive Ko Bon. So this is what Pirate Divers came up with, Hannah (mum) dives on Tuesday – Similan islands 8 &9 and Soren (Dad) dives on Saturday Ko Bon. The Family hadn’t dived in 3 years, so I suggested that they get a private guide for four reasons

  • Who wants to waste a day’s holiday, in a pool
  • Who would look after the babe, if everyone was in the pool doing a scuba review
  • A private guide, would stay with you and only you, through the whole of the two dives.
  • A scuba review and a private guide are the same price.

The Tuesday dive was a great and Hannah and Sofie where great divers. Caro their instructor said it was a pleasure to dive with mother and daughter.

Saturday was Ko Bon. Fingers were crossed for Manta. Their private Guide, Alek. Texted me from Ko Bon to say. They have 4 manta for two hours. The dive was excellent and to see Sofies face as the manta where all around her,was one of the best dives he has ever had. I will say I was so jealous. To see a childs face light up as manta  swim around her is magical. Also there was a videographer on boat who captured the whole dive,. So Sofie will have this moment on DVD for the rest of her life

I received an e-mail from the Trads family

similan Islands diving

similan Islands diving


Thank you again for your advice with the diving. …we had two excellent days at the Similans.

Best wishes
Søren and family