Open Water Course khao lak

A Khao Lak Low Season DIving Course

If your considering your option, on weather to do an Open Water Course Khao lak. Here are a few things to think about first!.

Which diving association to you which to go it. In Asia you have either Padi or SSI. The difference is not so so big between them.  I will not confuse you on the difference between then. That does not matter, at the moment.  Pick either one. If you want to do your open water with Padi. Then go only into shops that are Padi affiliated and the same goes with SSI afflicted dive centers. The main thing to look for when thinking of becoming an open water student are.

Open Water Course – khao lak – Prices

Don’t go cheap. You get what you pay for. It might sound a great price. when you book the open water course. on your first day you arrive to find six other people are doing it with you. The worst scenario. Is three of those people all speak a different language. Multi lingual instructor are worth their weight in gold. But it does not make a great open water course. if they have to say the same thing in three different languages. Same if you are doing your skill circuit. Waiting for five other people to complete their skills underwater is tiring and cold. It makes the whole open water course khao lak much more boring.

Maximum should be for an open water course

Khao Lak Low Season DIving Course

Khao Lak Low Season DIving Course

The best Open Water Course Khao lak,is with two people and one instructor. Maximum should be four students. You are allowed, to have more student. As along as the instructor has an assistant with him.


if you can, try and meet your instructor first. This is difficult. As the instructor could be working that day. Some people, just get along. While something’s, you can get a bad vibe about somebody. This is not imperative. But it helps. If you like your Instructor.

Make sure you have the same instructor at the beginning to the end of your course. All instructor teaches slightly differently. Again it just makes it less stressful. You can build up a bond with your instructor and feel safe. Then, later to be told they are swapping and you have to get to know a different one. It can be unsettling. All instructor has guide line to follow. So the out come should be the same.

What to ask about the Open Water Course Khao lak

Ask the shop to plain out the days of your open water course khao lak. For example, Day one – classroom and pool session, ect. This will give you a better overall view of what is happening.


The last two days of your course you will be diving. Find what dives site you will be diving. Here in the Similan islands. Open water student has many choices to choose from.

They can either dive the local reef. Which is cheaper. They can dive all four dives in the Similan Islands – more expensive. Marine park fees and the long distance make a financial more expensive. You can also combine local diving with the Similan Islands. The choice is always yours.