Khao Lak Liveaboards


Started heading out to the Similan Islands a few weeks ago as the National Park re-opened for the diving season. I’ve had the great pleasure of recently returning to land after 11 days at sea working aboard Khao Liveaboards. The imposing granite boulders of the Similan Islands with their pristine white sand beaches look just as majestic as ever. Under the sea, the beauty and wonder only intensifies. With so many incredible and varied dive sites to try, the best way to explore the islands’ watery treasures is with Khao Lak liveaboards.

White Tip Reef Shark


Eagle ray on the Similan Islands

A couple of dives is simply not enough, and a liveaboard is a must. 11 days, 34 dives and thousands of fish later, here are my top three aquatic encounters from my adventures so far this season… 1. Baby White Tip’s bedtime I have to confess that in general I do not particularly enjoy a night dive. However, I must make an exception for last week’s night dive in the Surin Islands. On Khao Lak liveaboards, you usually get the opportunity to experience at least one night dive during the trip, and this one really was an experience. For over 20 minutes a young rascal of a white tip reef shark followed us throughout the dive. Curious and unabashed by our torches, our companion was even happy to pose for photos. This baby shark quite clearly had no intentions of getting an early night.

Fire Gobies

Frolicking with Fire Gobies I love, love, love a red fire goby. Love them. I could hover over the sand for the whole dive just watching them, if I’m lucky enough to spot one. And a few days ago I did – spot one that is, not hover over the sand for the whole dive (I was working after all!). I found this particular chap hanging out above a sandy patch at around 25m at Christmas Point on Similan Island number 9. I presume he lived there, so I’ll be back to visit and see if he’s home on all my subsequent Khao Lak liveaboards.

Discover Scuba Diver – Eagle Rays

Eagle Rays crash my DSD For those of you who don’t know, a DSD is a Discover Scuba Diving – a diving experience for those who are yet to take the Open Water course and become a certified diver. At Koh Bon a couple of weeks ago I was conducting a DSD with a girl whose friends were diving while she accompanied them on the boat. Petrified of water, it took some time to coax her off the boat and into the ocean. We stayed in the bay, and slowly went down a mooring line to 10m. Her nerves evaporated almost instantly as two Eagle Rays swooped right past us, clearly showing off. She’s coming back next year to take the Open Water course. So if you see two very showy Eagle Rays at Koh Bon, please do tell them I owe them commissions