Khao Lak liveaboard What To Bring

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So, now that your Khao Lak liveaboard is booked, you might be wondering what on earth to bring on the boat. Never fear, here is your ultimate Khao Lak liveaboard essential packing list



This one’s really important to check. Some boats provide towels, but many others don’t. Ideally, you’ll want to pack two towels per person. Excessive? You won’t think so as you’re watching one of your towels fly away to commune with the ocean, or when you come up from a dive only to find it’s pissed with rain while you were happily sploshing around underwater.


Yes, I know it seems obvious – but just how much swimwear to pack? Well, you don’t need to be a dive professional for very long before you see the wisdom in never sitting in wet swimwear. Seriously, it’s not a laughing matter. In theory two sets should be fine – one to wear, and one to dry. Practice, however, is a different matter. Pack four. I know, it sounds ridiculous – but better safe than damp!


Rash Vest

Personally, I’m a long wetsuit girl regardless of circumstance. In general though, it can be pretty liberating to shed that wetsuit and dive in just a rash vest and shorts. On your Khao Lak liveaboard the average water temperature of 28-29 degrees (celsius) means you’ll be perfectly warm enough to dive sans wetsuit. Except on the night dive, I’d put the wetsuit back on for the night dive.


Conditioner, hair oil and hair bobbles

Turtle near a khao lak Liveaboard

Turtle at the similans

Long hair and liveaboards are simply a painful combination. Years of misery later, here’s my advice. Every morning, oil your hair. Pretty much any oil will do – I use the Body Shop’s mango hair oil. Next, truss up you hair like a turkey. It takes around six hair ties to do mine. One at the top, and then another round the pony tail about every inch or so all the way to the bottom. Post-diving – slather your hair in about a third of a bottle of conditioner and patiently work those knots out with your fingers. If you’re really keen, you can even do the whole process after every dive… but I reckon life’s too short.



Guys, this one’s for you really. While I happen to find three days’ worth of stubble to be quite an attractive look – your mask is going to tell you otherwise. Hairy face equals leaky mask. It’s that simple.



Life is so much more pleasurable when you remember to pack your logbook. One of the greatest joys of a Khao Lak liveaboard (diving aside) is the group bonding during your post dive fish book session. See how long it takes your instructor to crack under an assault of questions all in the vein of “what was that small yellow fish we saw?”.



You’ll never go hungry on a Khao Lak liveaboard. However, as you crack open that post night dive beer, wouldn’t it be nice to have some crisps? Yes, yes it would. Pack some.


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