Khao lak Accommodation

Nautical Home

This is a great place of stay for travelers seeking comfort and convenience in Bang Niang Enjoy unparalleled services and a true hospitality in the Nautical Home.

  • Twin Beds in a hotel in Khao lak
  • TripQuad beds in a hotel in Khao lak
  • Front porch of hotel in khao lak
  • Double Bed in Nautical
  • breakfast at Nautical home
  • Breakfast at Nautical home

Welcome to Nautical Home Khao lak, a family-run bed & breakfast, located in Bang Niang. From here, guests are within walking distance to the beach and it’s only 2 minutes walk to the Bang Niang market. where you can find local Thai food, fresh fruits and souvenirs.

Our 11 guest rooms have been carefully desiged to the highest degree of comfort featuring hot shower, air conditioning and flat screen TV with international programs. The deck terrace is for you to spend your lazy day in shade. enjoying free Wi-Fi, complimentary all-day coffee/ tea and snacks.