Elephant Head Rock – Similan

Elephant Head Rock

 map of Elephant Head Rock

Elephant Head Rock

Elephant Head rock can be seen from the surface. They say it got its name because at low tide, it looks like an Elephant is coming out of the water. It’s the largest pinnacle in the Similan Islands. This site is a huge cluster of giant boulders all stacked up on each other. This is the best dive site for swim-throughs. Diving this site always makes me feel I’m in an Indian Joans movie. There are lots of soft and hard corals on the swallow side of Elephant Head rock. The maximum depth is between 35 to 40 meters.

To the west side of Elephant Head rock there is a sheer wall that goes to 40 meters dept. There’s not much to see on the west side.

Marine life

I have dived this site many time and I will say. I have seen mating leopard shark, black and white tip Sharks. A large white frog fish, who pierced himself on a giant sea fan. Schools of barracuda. This is a great dive site for the bigger pelagic fish.


Moderate to strong. The current runs from southwest to northwest at high tided. When you have a strong current you can always hide on the north side of Elephant Head rock


Usually 15 – 40 meters