EFR - Scecondary care

EFR Course – Khao Lak

EFR Course in Khao Lak with Ray. Ray came into Pirate Diver in Khao lak as he wanted to do a Rescue Course but first he must complete his EFR (Emergency First Response) Course. The EFR Course takes just one day. This is where you will  learn how to assess a situation and deal with it. weather its by using Primary care or by using Secondary care. Everyone should do the EFR Course.

EFR Course – Primary Care

EFR Course Similan

EFR – Primary Care Similan

The ABCD’S of Primary Care 

A = Airways
B = Breathing
C = Circulation
D = Defibrillation
S = Serious bleeding, Shock management, Spinal Injury

This is where you will learn the Chain of survival

  1. Early recognition and call for help
  2. Early CPR, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  3. Early defibrillation
  4. Early professional care and follow-up

EFR Course – Secondary Care

What is the difference between Injury and Illness?

An Injury is defined as physical harm to the body

EFR - Secondary care

EFR – Scecondary care

  • Fractures, Dislocation
  • Hypothermia, Heat Stroke
  • Skin burns
  • Cuts, bruises
  • various wounds to the body ie Electrical

An illness is an unhealthy condition of the body

  • preexisting health problems
  • allergies
  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • external factors ie toxic fumes, poison

I must say it was great day in Pirate Divers in khao lak. Lots of fun was had and a lot of learning went on as well