Diving similan islands

Diving Similan Islands – Explore the Underwater World

A couple walked into Pirate Divers shop yesterday, to ask how soon they could go diving to diving Similan Islands. They wanted to try diving and see if it was for them. The had no time to do a course, but they had heard so much about the diving Similan Islands. They knew they would regret not going divin  in these beautiful Islands. Discover Scuba Diver (DSD) is a great introduction in to the diving world. You need no prior knowledge about diving. All you have to do is relax and enjoy. Enya is from Australia and was going to be their instructor for the day. Enya has worked in the Diving Industry for a long time and I knew she would be excellent at taking care of Pirate Divers customers. When you have Discover Scuba divers, the instructor will set your equipment and will go through the skills, which you have to perform in shallow water. The skills for a discover scuba diver are:

Diving Similan Islands

Diving in similan islands

Diving in similan islands

  • regulator clearing
  • regulator recovery
  • Mask clearing
  • how to equalize your ears

It takes longer to explain how to do the skills, then it does, doing the skills. In no time at all, the skills are completed and you’re enjoying your diving in the Similan Islands. For some people the hardest thing about diving, is learning how to be neutrally buoyant. So what is neutrally buoyant? – Basically, it means you don’t break the surface of the water nor do you hit the bottom of the dive site. You stay in the middle of the water. Its like when you are driving a car for the first. It takes time to get the balance between the clutch and the break.

The most important thing about diving, is to RELAX and ENJOY. As I said Earlier. Pirate Divers DSD customers came back. They are totally hooked on Diving. The Diving was amazing; The Instructor was brilliant. Next year they will come back and want  to go diving in Similan islands.They will want to do the open water course. Now that’s what I call a good day at work.

So what is an open water course? The open water course is you first introduction to being a certified scuba diver. It’s General a four-day course. Your first day will be in the classroom. Watching DVDs. So everything you see on the open water DVD is what you will repeat in the swimming pool the following day, I will demonstrate the skill and you will copy – it’s easy.

Discover Scuba Diving Similan Islands

Diving similan islands ,on an open water course

Diving in Similan Islands, Open water course

Day 3, you will go diving with Pirate Divers Staff. The only difference is. First, you will be diving in the open water – which is far more exciting then being in a swimming pool. Secondly the instructor does not demonstrate the skill but signals you to do the skill. The next day you go diving in the similans Island again.  Your maximum depth is 18 meter as an open water diver. After the dives are finished you will be given an open water finally exam. 50 multiple question – A, B, C, D.

The best advice I can give anyone who is thinking of becoming a Open Water Diver is to RELAX, BREATH and ENJOY!