Discover Scuba Diving in the Similan Islands

Diving Similan Islands By Your Zodiac Sign

Diving Similan Islands

If you’re considering your options for diving Similan Islands, you’re probably wondering which dive sites come most highly recommended. With so many world-renowned sites to choose from when diving Similan Islands, it really comes down in part to personal preference. So, how will you know which site is best for you? Easy – it’s written in the stars.


As both a dive instructor and amateur astrologer, I’ve compiled your ultimate guide to diving Similan Islands by the zodiac. Part 1 covers Aries through to Virgo…

Diving Similan Islands By Your Zodiac Sign

Aries – Sea Chart wreck

Diving in Khao Lak

Diving Similan Islands By Your Zodiac Sign

Courageous and energetic Aries loves a challenge, and this 2009 shipwreck certainly has plenty to offer. Not for the faint of heart, this former cargo ship lies submerged between 40 to 30 meters a few kilometres off the coast of Khao Lak.


Taurus –Anita’s Reef

Practical and reliable, with a keen eye for beauty – for Taurus, Anita’s Reef makes the perfect check dive when diving Similan Islands. Known for it’s mild currents and stunning ‘Hin Muan Deaw’ rock, you won’t see an angry bull in sight.


Gemini – Koh Tachai pinnacle

A dive guide’s favourite, this mesmerising pinnacle will most definitely give expressive and quick-witted Gemini something to talk about. Schooling barracuda, giant trevally and even the occasional whale shark will make sure Gemini doesn’t suddenly switch personality on you.


Cancer – Christmas Point

Like the tides, loyal and loving cancer is ruled by the moon, and almost guaranteed to fall in love with the ethereal qualities of this hypnotic dive site. Located on the northwest tip of Similan Island number 9, dive this site on a day with ‘nam sai’ (clear water) for an experience you’ll never forget.


Leo – Richelieu Rock

Map of Richelieu Rock

Richelieu Rock

Every scuba diving Leo likes to imagine themselves as a bit of a Jacques Cousteau explorer. So why not live out the fantasy in full by diving Richelieu Rock? Originally discovered by Cousteau, this beautiful set of horseshoe shaped rocks are adorned with a blanket of soft purple corals, playing perfectly into Leo’s sense of prestige and adventure.


Virgo – Deep Six

Virgo cannot help but analyse a situation to death. When diving Similan Islands, Virgo worries about finding the perfect combination of topography, difficulty level, swim-throughs and marine life. Deep Six blends these effortlessly, with a decent chance of white tip reef sharks thrown in for good measure.


And for those whose sun sign falls in the second half of the zodiac, Libra through to Pisces… check out part 2 of our guide coming soon.