Diving khao lak - Thailand

Diving khao lak Thailand

Diving Khao lak Thailand. There are three dive sites that are not to be missed here in khao lak. They are cheaper then diving the Similan Islands, and in some cases they can be a better diving experience. The reason for the low price, is because there are no marine nation park fees and because of the logistics of these dive sites. They are all near Khao laks mainland. So, diving Khao lak is a great option if the price is a major concern.


The Boonsung Wreck or Bangsak Wreck –  Diving khao lak Thailand
boonsung-wreck above water

The Boonsung wreck is the closest you will get to diving khao lak at an affordable price.
Technically, not really a wreck dive. Because you don’t penetrate this wreck. Its maximum depth is 20meters. This tin draggier lies on a sandy bottom. In 2004, the Tsunami tore the structure a part.

Making it a much better environment for the vast amount of marine life that inhabited this wreck. it’s perfect for all levels of diving certifications. Weather you are an open water diver or a more experience diver.  This dive site is not to be missed if you are thinking of diving Khao lak. People had said diving the Boon sung wreck is like – diving in fish soup. We have had the occasional whale shark sighting on this wreck.


The Thai Muang Wreck –  Diving Khao lak Thailand

Thai munang wreck /Premchai wrech

Thai munang wreck /Premchai


This again, is a wreck you, do not penatrate but dive around. Built in the Netherlands in the 70’s. The Thai Muang was used by a Tin Mining company. Until she sank in September 2000. She lies at a depth of 20menters. The visibility can range from 5meter to 20meter.





MV Sea Chart 1- Diving Khao lak Thailand


sea chart a great wreck dive from Khao lak

sea chart a great wreck dive from Khao lak

This cargo ship was transporting iron wood from Burma to Vietnam. When she sank due to bad weather. If you are thinking of diving khao lak, this dive site is only for experienced diver. You must have at least 50 dives. Divers do penetrate the MV sea chart. Entre points are the cargo hold and the wheel house. The deepest part of this dive site is 40meters, shallowing up to 22meters.


So if your thinking of diving khao lak Thailand. I hope the information I have given you, will help you realize that, these dive site are a great choice. They are not to expensive and are great value for money. The other great thing about diving khao lak Thailand is you will be back in your hotel room well before sunrise. This again is a great choice if you are here with your family. Morning pick from your hotel is 8am. You should be back at 4pm. This way you are not missing the whole of the day with your family or friends.


When diving khao lak Thailand. Expect the unexpected.