Diving in Khao Lak

Diving in Khao Lak

Diving in Khao Lak


If you’re travelling in Thailand and looking to go scuba diving, then look no further than diving in Khao Lak.

As a PADI scuba diving instructor having lived and dived all over Thailand, I always end up coming back to diving in Khao Lak.

With so many different diving options now available across Asia, I’m constantly asked – ‘why Khao Lak?’.  Oh so many reasons – but to help you make your mind up, here are my top 5 reasons to go diving in Khao Lak:


  1. Experience the best diving in Thailand

Whilst you may not have heard of Khao Lak, any diver worth their salt has heard of the world-renowned Similan Islands. Made famous by the sheer diversity and abundance of marine life, the Similan Islands are a must to tick off any diver’s to do list. Sound good? Then Khao Lak’s the place to be based.

  1. Keep those pesky non divers entertained

As a diver you will, quite rightly, wish to spend the majority of your trip communing with Poseidon. However, I’m aware that sometimes we have non-divers in tow to consider and keep amused. Khao Lak has everything your non diving companions could desire. Beautiful beaches, nearby Khao Sok national park, temple tours, bars aplenty, food from across the globe, and, of course, plenty of snorkelling to boot. It’s the perfect base for any family holiday, backpacking adventure, or romantic getaway.


  1. Boon Song wreck baby, yeah!Diving in Khao Lak

Fancy a wreck dive? Then Boon Song wreck is a must. Best explored as a two dive day trip from Khao Lak, Boon Song is a wreck so profuse in life that sometimes you can’t see your hand in front of your face for the huge schools of baby fish surrounding you. Legend has it that if you look very closely you can even find the motorbike of the legendary Similans videographer Phil Maybank.


  1. Manta-tastic mania

Diving in Khao Lak would not be complete without getting in a couple of dives at Koh Bon, the island made famous for the innate attraction it holds for giant manta rays. Some say it’s the island’s limestone, others the mystical energy the island radiates – whatever the reason, manta rays just can’t get enough of this island. For the best chance of some serious manta action, try diving here in January or February. But whenever you visit, the dive site is a must…. presuming, of course, you like fish, and octopus, and leopard sharks, and fan corals… otherwise, maybe skip it!


  1. Live for liveaboards

There’s so much that can be said about why diving in Khao Lak is the home of the liveaboard. I’ll leave it at this – if you want to experience a liveaboard, Khao Lak is where it’s at. Don’t just take my word for it – check it out!