Diving Course Similan Islands

Diving Course Similan Islands

Diving Course

Provides the perfect classroom should you wish to further your dive education or complete your open water course. Have ever thought of doing a Diving Course but where a little scared of what lies below the water. Please let me tell you – what lies below the Andaman sea is amazing! The corals and various aquatic fish are stunning. The feeling of diving has always reminded me of flying through the sky weightless and adventurous.

Open Water Diving Course

Diving Course Similan Islands

Diving Course Similan Islands

Pirate Divers offers a 3 or 4 day open water course. Whats the difference?
3 day courses are available, only if it’s one student. First day will be 5 DVD upstairs in our classroom. Midday we do a diving pool session. It is very easy with one person. You have 20 skills to complete. The instructor does one skill and you repeat. The next day you go diving, some more skills. Dives 1 and 2, maximum depth is 12 meters. Day 3, dive 3 and 4 with a maximum depth of 18 meters. Final exam is complete and you are now an Open water Diver.
I know this all sounds easy and it is but, one of the most important things to consider when deciding you want to do an open water course is?

Open Water course with Pirate Divers

The instructor is a huge roll in your choice of where and with which company you do your open water course with.
Try and meet your instructor before you pay for your course. At least find out his or her name – this will show you if the company exactly know who they will employ to teach you an open water course ( and not just some freelancer, nobody has met before) If you get a bad feeling about your instructor it’s going to make you course more difficult. You need to feel relaxed with him or her. You need to feel confident in your instructor.  You don’t need to even like them, that much but you do need to trust them and that is a gut reaction.

Similan Islands Diving Courses – What’s the benefit?

• You feel more confident in the water.
• You can dive to 18 meters
• It is cheaper to go diving on completion of your  open water course, because you don”t have to dive with an diving instructor with you. As an open water diver you will be guided by an dive master.
• you can dive on better dive site.

DSD – Discover Scuba Diving

There is no certification with diving as a Discover Scuba Diver. The instructor controls everything (So you don’t have to worry). Firstly you will be given a dive briefing, This will tell you about the dive site. What you will see? How you will enter the water. How you will exit it the water. Then you will be show certain skills you will complete underwater, 4 in total – this sounds scary but believe me it’s easy. Your first dive, is always is a little nerve wrecking but after five minutes you begin to relax as the instructor takes your mind off the diving and on to what you will see under water – look at the beautiful turtle, look at that trumpet fish.
Hopefully by the end of the dive you are hooked on diving and now wish to progress on to becoming a certified diver.