West of Eden – Similan Islands

West of Eden

 Map of West of Eden-Similan Islands

West of Eden-Similan Islands

West of Eden is located on koh Pa-yu. Similan Island number 7. Like all the other western dive site in the Similan Islands. It’s mainly made up of huge granite boulders with a few swim through. lots of giant sea fan and walls covered with soft coral. the shallowest part of west of eden is home to a host of reef fish.  Lots of hard corals can be found here at West of Enden as well as gorgonians and feather stars and soft sponges

Marine life

This is a perfect place to look for macro, nudibranch are abundant here. In the depth 25 meters you can find the resident ribbon eel. Who has been in the same spot for the last 5 years. Right beside him are a pair of fire gobies. Also there is a huge chance of seeing green and hawksbill turtles, ghost pipe fish and schools of snappers and travalies. This dive site is also the most likely place to discover something unusual. such as sea moths and frog fish.


Mild to moderate current, running from north to south on a falling tide and south to north on a rising tide. usually this site is dived with the current as a gentle drift dive This is a perfect dive site for less experienced divers.


Usually good, 15 – 30- meters, however this site is known for thermoclines (aka the green monster) that can reduce visibility in some places.