Turtle Rock – Similan Islands

Turtle Rock

 map of Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock is located on island number 8. It’s also known as HIn Toa. The site got its name because a few of the boulders combined are in the shape of a turtle. The secret beauty of Turtle Rock are the numerous swim through all at 6 meters.  There are a little scary when you go through them as many large fish are hiding in there. These swim-through are for the more advanced divers or the more experienced divers.  maximum depth is 30 meters. This is a very relaxed dive site. Great for beginners.

Marine life

On the sandy bottom there are lots of garden eels and kuhl’s stringrays. Hiding in the crevices  of the large boulder are sweetlips, snappers. Turtle rock is always a great place to find leather back Turtles


Mild to moderate, run north to south.


10 to 30 meters