Rocky point – Similan Islands

Rocky point or North Point

 Map of North point

North point

These submerged Boulders are on the northeast side of Similan Island number 9, Also Know as North Point  by  some other companies. Your enter on to this dive site will be on the deeper part, 30 meters where there is a huge boulder, cover in sea fans and soft coral.  Generally you will be going down by a bouyline on this dive site at 12 – 14 meter you will reach a channel. If you look into the crevices you will find gosh pipe fish. As the dive shallows up you find patches of hard coral. This is a great place to find Turtles.

Marine life

Many of the smaller creator can be found in rocky point. nudibranchs, purple and red fire gobies. 
schools of surgeonfish can often be seen here. leather back turtles are seen quite often in the shallower part of rocky Point.


Moderate to strong. When the current is u strong it usually pushes you down to the deepest part of the dive site.  when this happens You just have to stay, as close to the bottom as you can.


20 – 25 meters