Ko Tachai Reef – Similan Islands

Ko Tachai Reef

Map of Ko Tachai Reef

Ko Tachai Reef

Ko Tachai Reef is on the eastern side of the island, going from northeast to southwest. This is a reef dive and a great place to do an Open Water course because of its shallow reef. It’s also a great place to go snorkeling.

Ko Tachai Reef does go deeper, maximum depth is around 30 meters. Lots of smaller fish and stag horn corals in the shallows but as you go deeper there are not many corals to be found. Scuba diving here at sunset is recommend.

Marine life

This is a good place to find leopards shark lying in the sands at the shallow part of this site. Lots of octopuses hiding in the stag horn coral .


Mild – moderate going from northeast to southwest


10 – 15 meters