Christmas Point – Similan Islands

Christmas Point

Christmas point

Christmas point

Christmas Point is located on island number 9  – Koh Ba-Ngu. Christmas Point is visible from the surface which gives you a visual reference before you jump. Large boulders all stacked upon each other to form many swim through. The boulders are cover in colourful soft corals. The depth is between 35 and 40 meters.

Marine life

There have been sightings of Manta rays on Christmas point. But there have been many leopard sharks, white tips and black tip reef sharks found in the depths of 20 – 30 meters. Lots of sweet lips and groupers. Napoleon wrasse are not uncommon in this dive site.


Moderate to strong. On high tide the current moves southwest to northwest and on low tide northwest to southwest. on full moon you may find the current can push you out to the deeper part of the dive site.


10 – 40 meters.



Khao lak