Breakfast Bend – Similan Islands

Breakfast Bend

 Map Breakfast bend

Breakfast Bend

Breakfast Bend can be found on Island Number 9. It can also be known as Three Tree by other dive companies Typical of the Eastern side of the Similans Islands this is a sloping reef and a very good dive site to start a liveaboard. The main reason being is that it is a gentle dive site. So it’s perfect for a try dive / check dive. Basically,  It’s to find out how your divers respond to their first dive. This is where the instructor can decide which groups should be changed or not. When you start going deeper you will encounter a stretch of white sand at 25 meters there is a cluster of Boulders. which are incredible beautiful and not to be missed.

Marine life

In the shallows there’s lots of clown fish and in the stretch of white sand in the deeper part there are many Titian Trigger fish guarding their eggs. At 25 meters where the boulders are, if you look behind the boulder in the deeper part, sometime you can find leopard and black tip sharks resting.


Mild in the shallows but can be strong in the depths, Great place to do a drift dive, 


10 to 30m