Anita’s Reef – Similan Islands

Anita’s Reef

 map of Anita

Anita’s Reef

Anita’s Reef dive site combines two Similan Islands 5 & 6. You can start your dive on either island first. Usually it will depending on which way the current is running. Starting on island 5, will give you a deeper boulder dive first,. Starting on island 6, you start your dive on a slopping reef and will miss the deeper boulders. This dive site is also know as Barracuda point. Maximum depth is 30 meters. Lots of coral gardens with two pinnacles. One of the pinnacles has fire bubble coral on the very top. Lots of white sea fan. A very white powdery sandy bottom. Always reminds me of Christmas, because of the very white sandy bottom. It looks a little like snow.

The tuna wreck is just around the end of island 5. This wreck lies at the end of the reef at around 40 meters. Great place to do a deep dive speciality. Not to many fish to be found here.

Marine life

Hin muan deaw is on the southwest of island number 5. Direct translation it means “whole roll of film” This is a photographers dream. Gigantic white sea fan. Morey eel, snake eel and trumpet fish are to be seen everywhere. Clown trigger fish are often seen on the sandy bottom, guarding their eggs.


Mild to strong – running north to south


5 – 25 meters