Dive Site Maps of the Similan Islands


 These dive site maps of the Similan Islands shows the complete range of dive site in the Similan Islands and Surin Islands. This will help you decide which dive sites you prefer to dive and also help with which dive site suit your level of experience in the diving world.

The western side is huge granite boulders and swim through. The eastern side is a white sandy bottom with a vast selections of hard and soft corals.

I always try to advise customers to select both east and west dive sites.  One dive on the Eastern side to start with. Slopping reefs are a gentle way to start your diving day. The second dive is perfect for the western side. Giant boulders  are a get way to finish you diving day.

If your going on a Similan liveaboard / Day trips and you haven't dived in a long time. I would advise diving on the eastern side first.

There are some dive sites that can not be reached on a day trip. They are to far away from main land Khao lak. Shark Fin Reef and Boulder city can be dived on a liveaboard only.

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Eastern dive sites

Western dive sites

Northern dive sites

Surin dive sites

Breakfast Bend, island number 9
Tree Trees, island number 9
East Of Eden, island number 7
Anita’s Reef, island number 6 & 5
Hideaway Bay, island number, 5 & 6
Beacon Reef, island number 8

Christmas Point, island number 9
Rocky Point, island number 9
Turtle Rock,island number 8
West Of Eden.island number 7
Deep Six, island number 7
Shark Fin Reef, Solo Island
Elephant Head rock, Solo Island

Ko Bon
Koh Tacha

Richelieu Rock

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