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Cheow Lan Lake

Khao Sok

Unforgettable Cheow Lan Lake

If you come to Khao Lak for a scuba diving trip to discover the wonders in the sea, don’t miss out on the amazing experience above the sea too – Cheow Lan Lake, Khao Sok National Park. If you have two days/one night to spare, book a tour, it’s a must do!

History of Cheow Lan LakeCheow Lan lake - overnight tours

Cheow Lan Lake was created in 1982.  The Rajjaprabha Dam was erected, closing off the Pasaeng river, which created 165 square kilometre freshwater lake. The dam was built as a source of electricity for southern Thailand. Today many tourist visit this area, but strict limits are put on how many resorts they can have and your guide informs you of all the guidelines, so this wonderful place, remains just that!

What you will see

Cheow Lan lake itself is a wonder to behold, bare trees sticking out of the water and the refection’s of the mountains, clouds on the surface is a photo opportunity not to be missed!  There are towering limestone rocks, abundance of wildlife and birds, ancient jungle and caves. Hopefully, the chance to see wild pigs or even elephants too!

The Tour

You are picked up from your resort. Our guide was not just knowledgeable, but passionate too. Choew Lan Lake crossing to our resort was smooth. The floating bungalow was basic, but adequate, kayaks were tethered to our bungalow for our use. You can dive straight in to the clear waters from your bungalow or just sit and enjoy the view. Our evening meal was lovely and watching the night close in was magical. Early morning we had a nature tour by boat. We saw wild pigs and even one swimming from one island to another – something our guide said he had never seen! Hornbills and many other birds sharing the trees with the odd monkey or two. We return to our resort for breakfast. Then taken by boat to one island for an informed trek through the ancient jungle.  A trip to a cave on a bamboo raft. On our way back we visited the stunning “Three Sisters” karst rock formations and had our lunch just sitting on the boat enjoying the wonderful silence this place offers. Once we got back to the pier. We were taken to the Dam view point. Which allows you to understand the formation of this lake and area, before heading back to Khao Lak.

Don’t Forget…

……your Camera!!!