Advise Similan Islands khao lak

Advice on Similan Islands khao lak

Advise on Similan Islands khao lak. If you fly into Phuket Airport it will take, depending on traffic 80mins, to Khao lak. Try to pre-order your taxi first. Taxis at the airport are very expensive.  If you want, we can book a Taxi for you. Taxi  are 1,100 baht booking with Pirate Divers. If you still can not make up your mind, which hotel to stay in. Just ask us our opinion. We will do all we can to help you choose the right hotel. That fits your price range and comfort. We will take the stress out of your holidays.  We know it’s easier if someone knows the place and can recommend where is the nicer places to stay.Advise on Similan Islands khao lak

The also applies when you want to go diving in the Similan islands. There are so many people telling you their trips are great and value for money. It can get very confusing and most people get very agitated.  The problem with trial and error is that. if you don’t have some help you will waste your time. Booking with the wrong company can be more expensive and disappointing.

Pirate divers is a small company and we rely on word of mouth to help are company grow. So it is in our interest to tell our customers the truth.

Advise on Similan Island diving

Scuba diving or snorkeling choices can be confusing. There are so many options. Just remember three things. if you are thinking of Diving the Similan Islands

Experience in Diving

Are you a novice in diver? When did you last go diving?

Choosing a Dive sites

The dive sites you choose, is in direct link to how experienced you are. If you are a novice scuba diver, don’t let someone talk you into an experienced dive site, it might be too much for you, and possible turn you off diving for life. If you are experience and are advised to dive a very basic dive site. You will be bored and frustrated. Choose the dive site that fits your diving experience.

How much do you want to pay?

The best dive site can often be the most expensive. This is because of the distance from mainland khao lak to the Similan Islands. But this is not always the case. Even the most famous dive sites can have a disappointing year.

Advise on Similan Island Snorkeling

when booking your Similan or Surin Snorkeling day trip tour. Ask your Self?  Do you get sea sick? Don’t be persuaded to go on a speed boat. You will end up being sick the whole way. If you get mildly sea sickness. You can always take a sea sickness tablet. My advise you would be to go to the Similan Island by a slow boat. If you have the time.

In the end Pirate Divers, Khoa lak will take all this information in to account. we  give advise about Similan Islands khao lak,on price, comfort and enjoyment. We don’t charge for this information. We have a huge company base and don’t have to sell you something. We know you don’t really want Because that’s all they have got to offer you. We give good advice based on experience and professionalism.